PERTAPIS Tabung Amal Jariah

TAJ Objectives
Tabung Amal Jariah (TAJ) or Welfare Trust Fund is established in 1984 with the objective of providing welfare assistance to the poor, needy and the lower income community.

TAJ Services
TAJ is one of the major welfare programmes of PERTAPIS. Funds contributed from kind hearted individuals, charitable and corporate organisations are used to provide monthly food rations and other material support to 450 needy families.

The needy families are also provided with additional food assistance before Ramadhan, that is during the Care and Share annual event organised by PERTAPIS.

TAJ Programmes
The TAJ programmes includes food ration assistance, empowerment education for families and tuition for the school going children. These programmes provides a holistic approach in providing our beneficiaries with skills and opportunities that help ignite in them a spirit to strive for changes in life. Strong effort is needed to break the cycle of poverty. It is a big project with huge responsibility but we believe that this programme would make a great impact to the lives of our beneficiaries and their families.

Every year during the month of Ramadhan, they are feted at a Majlis Iftar (fast breaking event) which is specially organised for about 2,500 guests and these families are also given zakat money (alms).

Welfare Provision

  • To help the needy who are living on less than $450 per capita income through the disbursement of monthly food ration.
  • Profiles of clients include needy single parents, people with chronic illnesses, people with physical and mental disability, senior citizens whose children do not provide financial support, families that lost their breadwinners due to divorce, death or incarceration, families where one parent has to stay home to take care of their children with special needs or suffers from physical disabilities and chronic illness and families that lost income due to retrenchment.

Empowerment for Families

Tuition for Children
We provide free weekly tuition programmes for the TAJ children.

Empowerment Workshops
We provide empowerment workshops for both parents and youth children and educate them how to be financially independent, in turn to become givers, and contribute back to the community. This is made possible through working collaborations with other agencies, corporates and organisations.

Community Service
With the help of our volunteers, we organise house spring cleaning for our clients who needy elderly and people with disabilities. Through this programme, we also expose the lived realities of these beneficiaries.

Our Needs

We need individual volunteers, corporate partners and the society at large to lend your hand and be part of our success stories. We welcome your ideas and commitment to drive changes.

Our challenge is to continuously strive to sustain the operational cost of the programmes, maintaining the infrastructure and the support services that we are providing. Therefore, we appeal to you to donate and allow us continue to fulfil all aspects of our services to our clients who are in need.