President’s Message

Today as we look at the world beyond our sight, we will indeed be surprised to see how fast things have changed. The scenarios that we see surpassed our perception that this could not be the picture that we once saw.

Changes pass us unknowingly. Being an organisation that assists those who are in need of care and assistance we could see the growing numbers that seek our help. Already, Singapore is one of the fastest ageing countries in the world. Figures as of last June 2014, show that there are 430,000 people in Singapore aged 65 and above. Come 2030, it will rise to one million people.

Hence the expectation from the stakeholders for organisations like us, will be to improve our service standards, be more accommodative and understanding towards the needs of those who are economically deficient.

This is a very challenging commitment. In PERTAPIS, our by line is to provide quality and excellent service. Our established presence in the social service community requires us to be more prudent in our spending. We must constantly look for more donors, corporate sponsors and conduct fund raising activities and events to top up our income and reduce our spending.

We need the support of organisation, corporations, sponsors and donors to get going. Verily we should also work hand-in-hand to uplift the lives and livelihood of those who need our care and guidance.

We must develop new adjacencies and build synergies as we reach our 45th year of service. My gratitude to all PERTAPIS Staff and Executive Committee members for without their commitment, dedication and advice, we will not be what we are today. And to those out there, thank you for believing in us.


– Hussaini Abdullah